What’s An Extra 1,000 RPMs Worth?

When I die, I want to be reincarnated as a 999.

Just give me an open road with lots of curves and no traffic and I promise I’ll be a happy camper. The 999 is just that damn special. That amazing, really… At various parts of our ride today I not only stood in awe of what this bike can do but felt simply amazed at the opportunity to ride it. So many thoughts were running through my head while MotorMilt & I were hitting the canyons on what turned out to be a heck of a ride, thanks in no small part to the 600 mile service done at ProItalia and the ability to finally get the engine up above 6,000 RPMs.

I never would have thought that an extra 1,000 RPMs could change so much, but it did and it does. Wow is really all I can say. My bones were tingling while opening up the throttle. Certainly a ‘wow feeling’ is still lingering with me right now, hours after the ride. And in all reality it was just one of our normal length rides, but I almost feel cheated by the fact that I couldn’t rev it up this high before. The last 800+ miles were nothing compared to today. With one service the bike suddenly feels more stable, more linear, and most excitingly, so much more powerful. From 4k to 6k is a great kick, but 6k to 7k is like warp speed. I can’t wait until the entire engine is broken in and we can really crack it up to 10k. Above 6k, the Duc suddenly sounded like a Ducati. The chasis felt like it was holding back a fire breathing monster. Just 1k added 100 times to the experience. And as we were flying up our first canyon of the day, Las Flores Canyon Road, it just hit me that this felt like an entirely new bike when I caught a glance at the speedo and realized that I was in the sixties while still in first gear… That’s just not real.

And as we made our way around the Santa Monica Mountains, I was just struck by how special all of this is and how lucky I feel to be riding this bike at this time in my life. Like any other relationship, it seems that every time out I learn a little bit more about the bike – how it handles, how it feels, how it needs to be treated – and today was just the latest in a number of mind blowing experiences on this bike. At some point it struck me that if I’m going to buy into some sort of corporate branding this may as well be it. Between the history, the passion and the performance nothing else in my life seems to compare. I wish I could ride this machine every day, all day.

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